Getting ready for #CCCNA14


The whole CloudOps team is looking forward to the CloudStack Collab conference next week in Denver. We’re proud to be a gold sponsor and support the event of the community. We also have an unprecedented four sessions during the conference. Here are the details.

1. Using CloudStack to automate the deployment of VMware development environments

Thursday, April 10 • 2:20pm – 2:50pm * François Gaudreault and François Bousquet

RadialPoint’s IT team has invested a lot of energy over the years to automate the deployment of their development environment, in order to standardize the builds and reduce the manual labor involved in this process from the IT team. With the help of CloudStack and other tools, the team has streamlined the process and is now redefining their role as a true service providers to their developers.

2. Using Chef to automate the deployment of CloudStack

Thursday, April 10 • 3:45pm – 4:15pm * Pierre-Luc Dion

The presentation will cover the key elements to consider in automating a deployment of CloudStack and will demonstrate the principles live.

3. Supporting Palo Alto Networks Firewalls in CloudStack

Thursday, April 10 • 4:20pm – 4:50pm * Syed Ahmed

The CloudOps/Palo Alto Networks team have been working on a new feature for CloudStack to support the Palo Alto Networks firewall natively in CloudStack.

By leveraging CloudStack extension points, this project will allow configuring a Palo Alto Networks firewall as a service provider to override services typically offered by CloudStack’s virtual routers, such as Ingress/Egress Firewall rules, Source NAT, Static NAT & Port forwarding.

Orchestration of the CloudStack features implemented by the Palo Alto Networks firewall are handled entirely through the CloudStack UI/API. This includes the automation of the build up and tear down of isolated guest networks and IP management for the associated network.

4. Enabling NetScaler SSL

functionality in CloudStack 4.3

Friday, April 11 • 10:00am – 10:30am * Syed Ahmed

The CloudOps team has been working on a new feature for CloudStack to support SSL certificates in load balancing natively from CloudStack.

NetScaler is a popular load balancer in the makring, offering SSL off-loading support. Although the NetScaler is supported in CloudStack, the SSL off-loading feature is not enabled and has been a widely requested feature. We will provide this functionality by leveraging the existing APIs for configuring load-balancers and adding few other new APIs for certificate management. We are building this for Netscaler but the API will be extensible to be used with other load-balancers which provide this service as well.

The presentation will outline the project objectives, approach, solution overview, demo and use cases.

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