CloudOps Certified as a Remarkable Employer

14-06-2017 / CloudOps

As CloudOps grows and matures as a business we look for ways to measure employee satisfaction, both as a means to understand the needs of the people who work here and as a means of comparison with the wider industry. To this end we commissioned Groupe Ambition to conduct their independent certification program. Through an organizational survey of their own design, they have assessed the quality of our internal business relationships as perceived by our employees. We are pleased to announce that the results of that survey mean that CloudOps meets the standard of a Remarkable Employer.

The Remarkable Employer certification is significant because it is employee-driven. The employees themselves assess the state of the business and whether it meets their needs, and the results are used to formulate and evaluate a plan for continuous improvement. The current level of satisfaction measured sets a benchmark for where the company is now and provides goalposts for how to move forward.

We are pleased that the survey demonstrates that CloudOps respects its commitments to employees and to customers. Since the services that CloudOps provides are reliant upon human skills, knowledge, and creativity, we keep foremost in mind that our employees are the most important part of our business. It is essential that our staff is satisfied with the work environment, and that teams collaborate well and trust each other. Pleasingly, the survey results bear that out.

CloudOps is a growing enterprise, so the relationships between employees and managers are closer and more personal, and the survey reflects this in many of the results. The respondents reported that CloudOps understands and meets their personal needs when possible. They also agreed that supervisors are well aware of their employees’ skills, knowledge and potential. This more personal touch is an important factor for employee happiness and satisfaction in a job.

Consequence of being a tight-knit group was that the survey found employees are encouraged to participate in the company decision-making and to take initiative in problem solving. Respondents also reported that managers encouraged them to use their creativity and to submit their ideas to improve work processes. In such an environment, employees feel empowered, respected, and invested in the success of CloudOps. It also means that CloudOps benefits from a continuous improvement feedback. The Remarkable Employer survey has already been implemented as a tool in the process as a committee of employees has been struck to tackle areas of the survey that were highlighted as areas of possible improvement.

All of this is well summarized in the words of the CEO of CloudOps, Ian Rae:

“As a growing leader in technology we strive to be the best in the business. We felt it was important to benchmark ourselves, not only against the industry but also compared to our employees’ expectations. The results provide a detailed understanding of where we are strong and areas to improve. That we have achieved the Remarkable Employer status is only the beginning of the journey of continuous improvement and not the end goal!”

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