Welcome to 2020!

12-02-2020 / CloudOps

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Arthur C. Clarke

Most people would consider today’s technology to be magic – so sophisticated it is not apparent to most people how it works, or even that it should even be possible. Cloud computing and related technologies such as Kubernetes (well implemented) or even our own CloudMC and cloud.ca products exhibit magical qualities. Today’s technologists are modern-day witches and wizards, instead of spells, potions, and recipes we have playbooks, git repositories, and CI/CD. Instead of guilds, we have teams who practice DevOps.

Nonetheless, technology is relatively simple compared to the complexity of how we work together on shared goals, unifying development and operations processes into an infinite braid. One of the key reasons we think of CloudOps as a team of teams is that cloud solutions are complex and require a lot of building blocks contributed by different teams who collaborate closely.

In 2020 we will keep evolving how we help customers build highly customized space ships, fortresses, and thriving cities out of what we consider our LEGO-like building blocks. While developing our “smart defaults,” we use an approach of repeatable patterns, which can be compared to pre-fab lego kits. With a composable approach and team collaboration, we will help our customers “git there faster” than their competitors. As a customer-funded business, we will grow and succeed alongside the success of our customers.

“If a technology is distinguishable from magic, it is insufficiently advanced”. We are excited about the work ahead of us in 2020 to help our customers make their own magic. It is an infinite game of continuous improvement and continuous friction reduction.

Welcome to 2020!

– Ian

Featured image taken by Alfred Twj (@alfredtwj)

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