Hashicorp User Group Meetup #2

17-01-2018 / CloudOps

CloudOps was pleased to collaborate with Hashicorp User Group, fondly known as HUG, for its second DevOps Montreal meetup last night. Hosted at espace cloud.ca, the event began with beer, pizza, and mingling, before moving onto more substantive talks.

cloud.ca’s very own Clément Contini began by speaking about leveraging Hashicorp’s Terraform to create Kubernetes clusters on public clouds using the kubeadm toolkit. Additionally, he showed how to balance Terraform with the cloud.ca provider to automate the cloud infrastructure deployment. Clément’s demonstration deployed a cloud.ca environment with networks, a VPC, and the required virtual machines. Furthermore, he ran a Kubernetes master and several worker nodes on the VMS, and automatically started a Vault deployment in the cluster with three replicas. As Cloud Systems Administrator at cloud.ca, Clément’s years of experience designing cloud architecture were evident through his knowledge of applying infrastructure as code to Kubernetes.

Following Clément, Guillaume Séguin spoke about making Vault the foundation of your infrastructure and application security. He explained, demonstrated, and assembled the fundamental building blocks of Vault by running a Vault server on a consul storage backend. This helped him establish the value of Vault backend for secrecy, authentication, storage, and audit. Guillaume believes that the security and availability of data can be balanced using Vault, and that security can be effective without compromising business. This is based on his experience as a consultant specializing in application security at CN, where he works with corporations to design and implement security solutions.

CloudOps is excited to be involved with HUG and looks forward to future things we can expect out of Hashicorp, Terraform, and Vault. For more information about events being hosted at espace cloud.ca, please click here.

Note: This event was hosted on Wednesday, January 17, 2018.