CloudOps is a Red Hat Application Platform Partner

28-06-2018 / CloudOps

CloudOps is pleased to become a member of the Red Hat Application Platform Partner Initiative (APP). Consisting of partners focused on application platforms with emerging technologies, the APP Initiative encourages deeper collaboration between Red Hat and its partners in helping organizations modernise their application platforms.

Red Hat OpenShift unites developers and IT operations on a single Kubernetes platform to build, deploy, and manage containerized applications in any public, private, or hybrid cloud environment. It extends Kubernetes with built-in tooling and automated workflows for developer productivity, and enterprise-grade security, multi-tenancy, monitoring, logging, and analytics capabilities. With Red Hat OpenShift, teams can implement DevOps practices to manage both legacy and modern, microservices-based applications and drive greater business value in their cloud journey.

Understanding that open source is at the heart of digital transformation, we are happy about this collaboration with Red Hat. As Luc Villeneuve, the vice president and general manager of Red Hat in Canada, said:

“Open source is at the heart of digital transformation. We created the Red Hat Application Platform Partner Initiative with the goal of bringing together our ecosystem partners to help customers take advantage of cloud, containers, and mobile, and the move to cloud native application development as part of these transformation initiatives. We are proud to collaborate with CloudOps, a company who shares this vision, and look forward to continuing our efforts with them to help customers make the most of open source solutions.”

CloudOps is dedicated to promoting the digital transformation of application platforms by focusing on open source technologies. We strive to deliver cloud native solutions that are ideal for the individual needs of customers helping them overcome their own unique barriers to success. We are excited to work within this ecosystem of partners to empower organizations as they migrate to the cloud. Email for more information about modernizing your application platform, or attend our workshop, ‘OpenShift: Monolith to Microservices‘, to learn how to manage the complexity of distributed app development.