CloudOps is Named One of The 2021 Financial Times Americas Fastest Growing Companies

14-04-2021 / CloudOps

Montreal, Quebec, April 14, 2021: CloudOps today announced that it has ranked No. 396 on the 2021 list of the Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies by the Financial Times. This is the second year in a row CloudOps is pleased to be listed in this ranking.

This award is presented by The Financial Times and Statista Inc. It is the result of months of research where database material was scrutinized and tens of thousands of companies were contacted. There are millions of existing enterprises in North and South America, and only 500 grew quickly enough to enter the ranking. These companies are recognized for having contributed heavily to economic growth through innovation and creativity.

Since being launched in 2005, CloudOps has grown steadily and organically from an operations managed services shop to a leader in cloud computing, cloud networking, and DevOps solutions. CloudOps’ ranking in Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies reflects its organic growth and in-depth expertise in open source and proprietary solutions.

Looking forward, CloudOps will continue growing and helping customers use and build cloud platforms.

About CloudOps

CloudOps is a cloud consulting, managed services, and software company focused on open source, cloud native platforms, networking, and DevOps. CloudOps’ cloud platform and tool agnostic approach builds on over fifteen years of experience in cloud computing, cloud networking, and DevOps solutions.

CloudOps helps customers use and build cloud platforms, with an emphasis on operational success and networking connectivity. The mission is to ensure customers own their destiny in the cloud™. This means leveraging the flexibility of the cloud while reserving the right to change technologies and components without vendor lock-in, in order to meet changing business goals over time.

Some of CloudOps’ partnerships include CloudMC for edge orchestration software, for Infrastructure as a Service, and CloudBeach for digital workspaces.

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