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02-08-2019 / CloudOps

At CloudOps, we are always looking for excellent candidates to join our tight-knit team of experts as we work and play with the latest and greatest technologies. Our culture is a shared repository of technical knowledge with which we navigate the increasingly complex cloud native landscape. We sat down with a few of our team members to ask them why they love coming into work every day. Here’s what they said about life at CloudOps.


Our passion for technology brings us together and creates a sense of community. It allows us to work together and gives everyone a team to fall back on. There’s an innate curiosity in people at CloudOps that fuels a desire to solve problems, especially really challenging problems. The tougher the problem, the stronger the collaboration. It’s all hands on deck whenever someone encounters a roadblock, which creates a sense of camaraderie.

We encourage teamwork both within and between teams, and this leads to having fun together both inside and outside the workspace. Our teams share their goals, accomplishments, and lessons learned with each other every Friday at our weekly beer meetings. It’s easy to enjoy each other’s company at CloudOps: on the rooftop terrace at our monthly barbecues, at the impromptu video game challenges, or during a weekly game of Magic The Gathering. Our teams get together to rock climb, cycle, and ski at the end of the day and on weekends. Everyone’s open-minded and passionate about exploring new things as a community.


We recently installed a beehive on our rooftop. While we’re obviously excited to try the honey, we’ve also been paying close attention to the bees. Bees work together to create honey in the hive, and they rely on communication and collaboration to do so. But they also leave the hive individually to explore the land and find new sources of nectar, which they then share with their fellow bees to harvest and process as a team.

There’s a culture of freedom and autonomy at CloudOps that lets employees follow their passions and learn about projects they’re interested in. Our Slack channel is constantly discussing cool new technologies that have popped up here and there, and we value everyone’s participation in the discussion.

Within a flat hierarchy and an agile & work environment, our team members can act autonomously to find the right tool for the right job. Employees can explore new territory in the cloud native landscape, adding knowledge and experience to our culture, and our shared repository of knowledge that others in our community can learn and benefit from.


Life at CloudOps involves continuous learning, and we encourage employees to learn from our culture, from each other, and our ecosystem. Many may be working on different projects, but each person brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and creativity to the table for others to learn from.

By accessing a deep, shared repository of technical knowledge, our team members tap into an extensive mental map of the cloud native landscape. We share knowledge at our weekly Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings, where developers solve problems alongside operators and transcribe automation in GitLab/GitHub to be easily accessed and reused in future projects. Our team members learn from each other through collaboration and community. They learn about Docker, Kubernetes, and other DevOps solutions by participating in workshops.

Employees at CloudOps also learn skills that apply across the cloud native landscape through our partner ecosystem by achieving certifications in GCP, Azure, and AWS. Giving employees the opportunity to hone their skills and stay current with technology trends is one of our firmest investments in personal growth.


DevOps is about the intersection of people and technology, and our ability to thrive as a technology organization is based on our ability to cultivate the potential in individuals.

There’s no way we could speak about culture at CloudOps without bringing up open source. We use open source whenever possible and are vendor and cloud agnostic, but opinionated. Our software, CloudMC, is built using a number of open source technologies, and our teams actively contribute to open source projects and communities including Kubernetes, OpenStack, Tungsten Fabric and Apache CloudStack. We always share our open source findings with community members at the Kubernetes and Cloud Native meetups we organize across Eastern Canada.

Life at CloudOps is ultimately about imagining a career that doesn’t yet exist. By interacting with the wider community and speaking at workshops, meetups, and other events, our team members can get out of their comfort zone and develop unicorn-level confidence. By finding your talents, you can multiply your talents. We all wear multiple hats and aren’t limited to our actual roles. We 3D print careers here at CloudOps and encourage employees to become digital unicorns. The sky’s the limit, and we strive to maintain an infinite mindset as we look to the next frontier. As a privately-funded company, we have remained in full control of our growth, allowing ourselves to strategize, grow with our customers and enable our employees to follow their passions.


Your work helps define you, but it shouldn’t be the only thing that defines you. We value our employees and are understanding of personal needs. We work sustainably. Flexible hours, the ability to work remotely, and a casual dress code all help sustain a healthy work-life balance. Many of our employees have passion projects on the side. Some even run their own startups, the data for which they store on, a regional, Canadian cloud that we partner with, at our cost. Having a fulfilling life outside of work is central to our lifestyle at CloudOps.

We’re striving to empower passionate people to own their destinies in the cloud alongside us. Interested in joining our team? Check out our careers page or send us a message! We’d love to hear from you.

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