CloudOps listed in the Branham300 in 2018

27-06-2018 / CloudOps

CloudOps is pleased to be listed in the Branham300 Top 250 companies in 2018 for the third consecutive year. CloudOps has been listed as the 197th company, up from last year. Consisting of Canada’s most profitable, public and private technology companies, the ranking is based on revenue. All Top 250 companies have demonstrated significant revenue growth in every year since 2009, and altogether they represent over half of the nation’s ICT (Information and Communications Technology) sector revenue.

Now in its 25th year, the results of the Branham300 have consistently showcased the growth of the technology sector in Canada. In 2016, there was $105.3 billion in total Top 250 revenue. In 2017, this grew to $106.5 billion. Representing 96% of all companies listed this year, growth is seen the most in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. As Ian Rae, CloudOps’ CEO, stated:

“CloudOps’ growth is being driven by the relentless growth and evolution of cloud computing and the associated digital transformation of industries, such as telecommunications and healthcare. We are proud to be recognized again among a great roster of Canadian technology companies helping connect Canada to an increasingly globalized digital economy.”

CloudOps was listed 227th for 2016, and we are happy to reinforce our position delivering cloud services and consulting focused on open source, cloud platforms, networking, and DevOps. As the ICT sector continues to grow, CloudOps will continue to help companies own their destinies in the clouds and reinforce Canada’s reputation as a technology leader.

For more information on the rankings, visit the Branham300 website. Additionally, the website contains information on the revenue dates, corporate descriptions, and contact information for each company listed.