Migrating to Citrix NetScaler from Cisco ACE? CloudOps Can Help

31-10-2012 / CloudOps

This month, Cisco announced via a press release that it will recommend and integrate Citrix Systems’ NetScaler application delivery controller. The move follows an earlier announcement by Cisco that it was scaling down work on the company’s ACE load balancer. The partnership with Citrix, which will see Cisco actively recommend Citrix NetScaler to its customers is a move to close the gap, and provide Cisco ACE users with a solid future path and a Cisco-approved migration option. It’s estimated today that somewhere between 15 and 20% of the market currently rely on Cisco ACE. Given this news, ACE customers will be actively looking at their options. The partnership announcement extended to Cisco supporting CloudStack and CloudPlatform integrations with the Cisco UCS and Nexus products.

The CloudOps team has more than 12 years experience with load balancers and application delivery controllers. We have a long history with the  NetScaler technology, a relationship that predates the technology’s acquisition by Citrix in June 2005.  We’ve done 100s of NetScaler deployments over that timeframe, and performed migrations to NetScaler for our clients from a variety of load balancers including Cisco ACE, F5, Radware and Nortel Alteon.  We continue to build on our Citrix partnership, and we are one of the first North American based companies to be named a Citrix Cloud Advisor Partner for our work with CloudStack and CloudPlatform.

So why consider changing the status quo with your load balancing and migrate to the best in class  Citrix NetScaler?. Here are some compelling reasons you may want to consider (benefits):

Cloud Networking: Citrix NetScaler satisfies the enterprise’s need to combine datacenter security with Cloud elasticity and economics by making Cloud-hosted applications appear as if they are running on one contiguous enterprise network.

Datacenter Consolidation & Saving Rack Space:  Enterprises are consolidating datacenters and moving to standardized network services. The NetScaler SDX platforms offers the economic advantages of consolidation but reduces the risks and constraints by allowing isolation of virtual instances. Imagine 40 ACE 4710s units packed into a two rack unit NetScaler SDX.

Application and Networking Visibility: Citrix NetScaler version 9.1 introduced AppFlow. Appflow is an extension of Cisco’s Netflow via IPFIX . The AppFlow technology helps IT organizations monitor and improve application performance and availability service level agreements (SLA). Appflow helps you manage by giving you a measure of network and application performance from real transactions.

A migration away from Cisco ACE to Citrix NetScaler can be simplified with the help of CloudOps. For IT organizations , we recommend you use this as an opportunity to rethink and reassess the needs of the business and embrace new technical features to facilitate that transition.