CloudOps Talks Open Source at ApacheCon 2018

27-09-2018 / CloudOps

ApacheCon North America was held in Montreal this year from September 24th to 27th. The event featured a CloudStack Collab Conference, in which containers, DevOps, IoT, servers, and web frameworks amongst many other subjects were covered. CloudOps was pleased to sponsor the event, and even more so to participate.

Syed Ahmed discussed A Journey to CloudStack with Francois Nadeau from Ticketmaster, who partnered with CloudOps for help leveraging Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Our sisters company,, made a few presentations. Mike Gero discussed How uses CloudStack. Pierre-Luc Dion presented Log and Metric Collection in Apache CloudStack. Khosrow Moosavi presented CloudStack Integration with Vault by HashiCorp, a key solution for enforcing secrets security.

Will Stevens and Marc Vaillancourt presented Building a Portal for Service Providers. As CTO and Director of Products at CloudOps respectively, Will and Marc help organizations embrace open source, cloud native strategies that build on strong foundations of best practices and operational excellence. Will was CloudStack VP in 2016 and is actively involved in the community. Their presentation considered how CloudMC can be used to create Infrastructure-as-Code on a variety of platforms, including Apache CloudStack.

CloudMC is a business portal that enables service providers to monetize their offerings  through a self-service portal for end users. The deployment and management is simple and the end-user experience multilingual and rich in features. It helps solve the difficulties that providers with large portfolios of services face as they strive to present end customers with a unified experience.

CloudMC provides a single pane of glass from which providers can deliver their products to market through either shallow or deep integrations. It offers a normalized API through its plug-in architecture that unifies diverse APIs of the underlying services and can be run on multi-cloud platforms. CloudMC’s extensible framework enables multi-cloud management through integrations with CloudStack, OpenStack, Public Clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP) and other NFV integrations can be made available as needed. Ultimately, it helps providers deliver a tailored portfolio of services comprised of heterogeneous solutions.

Will and Marc’s presentation reviewed some key components of CloudMC’s architecture. It discussed how CloudMC can support multi-level and multi-tenant organizational structures that enable flexible resource management. CloudMC has white-label capabilities with a flexible billing model that can be based on utility or reserved pricing. The presentation shed insight on the rich features provided by CloudMC’s unified API, including usage reporting, RBAC, quotas, and activity logging. Altogether, the portal strengthens the security and governance of an environment’s management.

Having organized and run the 2016 CloudStack Collab Conference, CloudOps was pleased to continue supporting the Apache Foundation this year. The Apache Foundation develops and incubates over 350 open source projects and initiatives across a wide range of technologies. It emphasises the importance of collaboration for software development in vendor-neutral environments.

CloudOps believes strongly in the importance of open source for delivering future-proof solutions that optimize the way cloud services are delivered, consumed, and connected.  Click here to read more about CloudMC.