What We Promise Our Customers

02-12-2019 / CloudOps

Own your destiny in the cloud.

At CloudOps, we believe that the successful adoption of DevOps is required to survive, even thrive, in today’s software-differentiated economy. By evolving their tools, processes, and cultures, our customers can embark on a journey towards delivering great products faster.

Our approach to DevOps is highlighted in our mission statement, to help customers own their destinies in the cloud. We empower our customers with DevOps, so they can make informed technology choices that reduce the risk of their investments and give them optionality and leverage over their suppliers. We help their applications take full advantage of the cloud’s operational model with containers, becoming cloud native in the process. There are four key promises we give our customers along the way.

Git there faster

We promise to help our customers identify and reach their goals more quickly than they would on their own. As the application platform landscapes have become increasingly vast, complex, and filled with vendor-speak, DevOps adoption can seem overwhelming and unclear. Hiring the right talent, upskilling existing talent, evolving culture, and adopting cutting-edge tools are only some of the steps involved. The decision-making and experimentation required means organizations can take years learning how to build and operate their own platforms. 

With the knowledge and experience acquired by fifteen years of learning and solving problems, we carry the residual value of every project we have ever worked on before. Our company culture is a shared repository of knowledge that provides us with an extensive map of the cloud native landscape. We promise to Git you there faster (yes, we use Git and the play on words is intentional), designing and executing a blueprint for optimizing your cloud consumption and aligning your business around cloud.

The right expertise at the right time

Our knowledge and experience means our team of teams are able to offer the expertise required to solve problems however they occur. As our teams work around the clock to offer 24×7 support, we are prepared to solve those problems as they occur. We promise our customers the right expertise at the right time so they can focus on their application development without worrying about the health of the supporting application platform.

Empower Operations

With Ops in our name, we know how important it is to design and implement architectures with long-term operations in mind. Our delivery model involves building, operating, and transferring value in the application platform. After building an application platform as part of a customer’s DevOps platform adoption, we are willing to either operate their platform for the customer or transfer those operations to their team. Our hands-on DevOps workshops are designed to accelerate that transfer and have led to us becoming one of the world’s first certified Kubernetes Training Partners. By teaching developers how to use, operators how to operate, and SREs how to build, they empower our customers to own their operations if they choose.

Own your destiny

Owning your destiny means maintaining a cloud strategy that suits your business model and isn’t locked into a vendor that doesn’t suit your long-term roadmap. It means optimizing and taking full advantage of the self-service, utility economics that cloud enables, allowing you to rely on your control plane and infrastructure for support in perpetuity. This will require self-reflection on your part, as your strategy must be based on an in-depth knowledge of your organization, markets, customers, and products. It will also require an awareness of the complexities of the cloud native landscape, as the undifferentiated value your infrastructure and application platform bring the differentiated value of your application development will impact your operational and technology layers. We promise to help you reach your ideal cloud strategy more quickly than you would on your own, and then empower your cloud strategy so it can be maintained either with or without us.

We promise to evolve your organization towards DevOps adoption, empowering your infrastructure and application platform to fully support your application development well into the future.

Our DevOps Platform and Practices Assessment will give you visibility into your platform’s tools and processes and shine light on the path towards modernization. Contact us for more information.

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