How CloudOps is Supporting Healthcare Outcomes

31-03-2021 / CloudOps

The cloud brings enormous opportunity to the healthcare sector. From enhancing operational efficiency to accelerating research, next-generation technologies have the potential to innovate healthcare in many ways.

However, healthcare organizations often struggle to define IT strategies that set themselves up for long-term operational success. CloudOps was founded as a way to help customers chart differentiated paths in a technology industry that was designed for control of its customers. There are five key ways CloudOps empowers healthcare professionals with the means to deliver innovation and patient care at scale.

1. Granting Canadian data sovereignty to regional healthcare providers

We are living in an increasingly regionalized digital ecosystem, especially in industries with strict compliance requirements and risk management practices. Data living in public, hyperscale clouds travels across borders often and with irregularity, making the cloud problematic for healthcare organizations that must maintain data sovereignty. was launched by CloudOps in 2014 as a solution. A Canadian-owned and operated regional cloud service, provides cloud infrastructure for companies with data residency and latency requirements. It offers high-speed direct connects to support hybrid, multi, and edge deployments, allowing organizations to maintain Canadian data sovereignty when required while leveraging other kinds of architectures when beneficial. gives customers bilingual, personalized support. A long-term partner of CloudOps, grants Canadian data sovereignty to regional healthcare providers.

2. Empowering independent software vendors (ISVs) to focus on delivering differentiated value

Knowledgeable in their respective fields, healthcare entrepreneurs are often not too familiar with the cloud and may not know much about IT in general. Those starting their own ISV will have a strong vision for their app, as they know their customer and business value. To succeed, they must unlock the differentiated value they bring to the market. It may not make sense for them to invest time and energy in the specialization of their cloud architecture. CloudOps' services build, operate, and transfer cloud architectures, empowering ISVs to focus on their application development without worrying about the underlying infra. Our team of experts customizes libraries of automation recipes, working around the clock to provide 24x7 support.

3. Accelerating medical research with cloud building

The cloud is an ideal platform for storing and federating big data that can be analyzed by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Data stored in the cloud can help doctors make medical breakthroughs, but the ability of hospitals to convert data into information into insights depends on the velocity, reliability, and scale of their IT operations. CloudOps can help healthcare organizations build cloud platforms that have the storage and processing capabilities required to sustain machine learning.

4. Modernizing legacy institutions with consulting

After decades of use and misuse, the IT systems of many healthcare organizations are unable to keep with demand. The modernization of legacy architectures is the backbone of digital transformation for any healthcare organization, as it enables efficiency and scalability. CloudOps cloud native consulting services help healthcare organizations speed up their projects and navigate the ever-changing cloudverse to find and implement the best solutions.

5. Enabling edge capabilities with CloudMC

CloudMC is a software-defined fabric that integrates hyperscale, on-premises, regional, and multi-access edge computing (MEC) clouds with a secure data overlay. Healthcare organizations that connect with edge computing can connect their hyperscale or multi cloud environments without their data ever leaving the healthcare organization’s environment, ensuring both data sovereignty and cloud capabilities. Data from the edge can be anonymized and sent to regional and hyperscale environments to be analyzed by machine learning.

CloudOps is committed to helping healthcare organizations give patients the care and research they deserve. Being cloud agnostic yet opinionated has enabled us to become the trusted advisor of regional ISVs and hospitals.

With cancer being the second leading cause of death worldwide, we are proud to support and help enable the cancer research community by donating to the Defi Canderel charity, dedicated to researching and finding a cure for cancer.

Learn more about CloudOps’ cloud solutions for healthcare, or read our white paper called ‘How CloudOps Consultants Save Healthcare ISVs from Costly Data Breaches.’

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