CloudOps Announces IDC Vendor Profile

09-05-2016 / CloudOps

CloudOps is pleased to announce that IDC has created a vendor profile which gives a unique glimpse into a company experiencing phenomenal growth. CloudOps is poised, as the report concludes, to continue its expansion in the market over the next few years.

International Data Corporation (IDC) leads the world in providing market research and intelligence as well as advisory services to the IT market. IDC aids individuals and businesses in making “fact-based decisions” on strategic decisions and market growth. Existing in over one-hundred countries, 1,000 analysts use varied methodological approaches to create strategic insights to help their clients achieve their objectives.

“After talking to [Ian] for some time I am convinced CloudOps is a good story in the Canadian technology landscape and things that you are doing needed to be brought out to the IT community.” Mark Schrutt (Research Vice President, Services & Enterprise Applications IDC Canada)

This profile has provided the company, as well as its partners, an understanding of the ways CloudOps is shaping the cloud industry by “building on the growing appeal of combining private cloud building and managed services with public cloud deployments and operations”, especially as companies choose to adopt cloud over more traditional IT solutions. CloudOps has tripled in size over the past three years – and continues to grow – while capitalizing on the growing appeal of “combining private cloud building and managed services with public cloud deployments and operations.”

“CloudOps is excited to be recognized by the IDC for our growth and leadership in multi-cloud computing solutions for software businesses, and regional telcos and enterprise shared services. Looking forward to continuing our breakaway success in 2016.” Ian Rae (CEO, CloudOps)

CloudOps’ expertise in network security, Web optimization, elastic computing, and high-availability architectures as well as its “solid team” all allow it to be a leader in the industry. This is a fact both globally with CloudOps’ cloud building solutions as well as regionally with the successful launch and expansion of, a 100% Canadian owned and operated cloud infrastructure.

This profile on CloudOps by IDC is multi-faceted with relevant information regarding the company’s partners, it’s cloud offerings and managed services, the composition of the management team, its customer base and it’s unique offshoot, All of these aspects were analyzed individually, as well as taken into account as a whole, and were used to explain why CloudOps is positioned for immense growth over the next few years. CloudOps’ expertise in hybrid and multi-cloud approaches to cloud computing allows for CloudOps to offer customers a vast array of options. IDC has recognized this strategic advantage and put forth an opinion about CloudOps that is in line with internal projections and goals.

The IDC vendor profile, “Canadian Multicloud Pioneer CloudOps Poised for Hyper Growth”, can be purchased here.