Accelerate your transformation to unlock new business models with new technologies. We provide consulting, culture and skills training, and custom blueprints for change.

Whether you’re beginning a digital transformation for the first time or working hard to get it right, we understand the challenges that come with making such a complex set of changes.

CloudOps supports you in a number of transformations: DevOps transformations to innovate at a faster pace, CloudOps transformations to unlock a cloud service provider business model, and DevNetOps transformations to leverage network-as-code.

The mounting pressure to deliver on these new ways of working is joined with some very real costs of getting it wrong. Technology leaders face a number of challenges when putting together a strategy for change.

Common challenges

Employees' resistance to change

Transformations involve a change in culture, processes, roles, and skills. Employees and business leaders need to be informed of the full scope, context, and value of these initiatives so that they can buy into them, support them, and take responsibility for their success.

Hard to transform while keeping things running

New ways of working and new business models can get in the way of established, reliable processes. Organizations need change strategies that respect what is in-place, introducing changes gradually to maintain capacity, availability, and workflow.

Lacking technical expertise and access to talent

The demand for talent with these new skills is outpacing supply. Organizations must take training into their own hands to build skills and change culture. The urgency of transformation adds to this pressure.

Teams led by technology, not business value

Without accounting for an organization’s business requirements, technology teams will make choices focused only on their own interest in specific vendors and open source technologies.

A partner for change

CloudOps offers training via workshops for your solution developers and solution operators to help them meet business and cultural goals more efficiently. In parallel, business leaders will get all the information they need to support these technical and cultural changes.

You get the best of our collective knowledge as we:

  • Educate your business leaders on the importance, value, and scope of these changes
  • Choose and implement the right tools and technologies for your value pipeline
  • Train your teams with the necessary culture, skills with tooling, and practices
  • Give you a blueprint for the best path forward, as you continue to evolve

CloudOps will save you months of research in choosing technologies and methods so that you can launch these changes as quickly as possible. You will have newfound confidence in your choices, knowing that you’ve started your transformation on the best foot possible.

Transform your team of teams

CloudOps offers training via workshops for your solution developers and solution operators to help them meet business and cultural goals more efficiently. In parallel, business leaders will get all the information they need to support these technical and cultural changes.

Solution Developers

Platform architects, application developers, and network coders build and use the tools

Solution Operators

Platform, infrastructure, and network operators manage the tools and processes

Business Leaders

Understand market demand, set business goals, and support the transformation

DevOps Transformation

As organizations struggle to overcome legacy drag from aging infrastructures, DevOps philosophies, practices, and tools can align culture and decision-making processes with a new, faster pace of innovation.

To get there, you will have to navigate a complex DevOps ecosystem, instill the proper culture and skill base in your employees, choose the right tooling and practices, and set up your value stream to evolve over time.

Our DevOps transformation is built to help you along this process. It begins with an assessment of your organization’s culture and practices. We then provide a blueprint for change, with expert advisors to build your CI/CD pipelines, operators to manage your cloud native application platform, and a variety of workshops to upskill employees. All of this is done while addressing your security and governance needs.

We jump-start the process of transforming your team into agile DevOps practitioners who collaborate to deliver applications and services at high velocity.

This will help you better meet customer needs and gain position as a leader and innovator—ultimately helping you hit your business goals faster.

CloudOps Transformation

You aspire to be a software-defined infrastructure provider to your users, enabling new cloud and network offerings that include: edge computing, cloud native technologies, hybrid multi-cloud infrastructures, data sovereign storage solutions, SD-WAN, and more.

Your team is not yet ready to support this new operational model. You have questions about market demand, costs, and timelines involved. You are also looking for the best strategy—one allows you fast time-to-value while structuring your organization for long-term success.

You may have been presented with a vision of success by enterprise IT software and hardware vendors, but you know you need a practical and proven approach to bring these new offerings to your users.

CloudOps has the necessary experience in building regional, private, and edge clouds to help you get there faster.

We will help you clarify your value proposition; document requirements for a minimum viable product (MVP); architect, design, and launch your new service; and teach you to sustain it with cloud product management best practices.

Launching such a big undertaking requires the buy-in and support of the many business units involved. Our workshops will help you create alignment between your organization’s teams as you define goals, costs, and requirements.

Your business, technology, and operations teams will be pulling as one in support of your MVP. Consider our CloudOps transformation the smoothest possible on-ramp to the journey of being an IT service provider.

DevNetOps Transformation

Network Operators (NetOps) rely on vendors for software updates, patches, and other architectural changes. Once received, they often spend weeks troubleshooting and re-architecting changes to maintain network availability.

The solution? Apply DevOps’ proven philosophies, principles, and practices to network operations with DevNetOps and leverage network-as-code.

CloudOps assists with DevNetOps transformations, instilling the automations and practices that allow for faster feature releases and fixes, increase network availability, and happier (less stressed) engineers.

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