CloudOps creates more design options for open-source communities with new middleware

Montreal, Quebec, April 17, 2012—Today, at the OpenStack Design Summit and Conference in San Francisco California, Canadian cloud-management company CloudOps presented new code it contributed to the OpenStack community, which gives developers more flexible design options.

Will Stevens of CloudOps and David Chamard of created a SWIFT authentication middleware that authenticates through CloudStack. Now, developers who want to use OpenStack SWIFT for object storage are not limited to the OpenStack NOVA compute service for processing. The new middleware gives the open source community unprecedented ability to marry CloudStack compute with OpenStack SWIFT to manage storage.

“At CloudOps, our high-performance cloud-management solutions are derived from open source code because it’s the most innovative yet cost-effective foundation for our interfaces,” says Ian Rae, chief executive officer, CloudOps. “By combining the reliability of the CloudStack compute code with the storage options accessed through OpenStack SWIFT, we are able to offer our clients the best of both open source worlds.”

Rather than introducing another authentication system to OpenStack SWI

FT, Stevens and Chamard wrote a new call, cs_auth, to authenticate the users via the CloudStack application-programming interface (API). This approach removes the need to populate and sync multiple databases with account information. Click here for the code:

“We are proud to have contributed middleware that will give the open source cloud community more choices,” says Rae. “While cloud computing is a competitive industry, we are all better served by the open source philosophy, which encourages sharing, collaboration, and ultimately the fastest path to new development.”

CloudOps is a leading provider of cloud-management services and strategy that allow businesses to meet their goals with speed, flexibility and security. Since it was founded in 2005, CloudOps has helped more than forty enterprises and web-based businesses harness the power of clouds. CloudOps relies on its team of highly dedicated cloud management specialists who have proven technical expertise and operational experience delivering best-in-class private, public and hybrid cloud architectures to clients in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

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