Delivering Cloud

CloudOps enables telecoms and managed service providers to deliver and monetize cloud and network service offerings with certified expertise, training, and CloudMC – an Edge Orchestration Platform.

Today’s telecom service providers are looking for new ways to grow revenue. Meanwhile, the enterprise service market has a growing need for integrated commercial offerings that include: edge computing, cloud native technologies, hybrid multi-cloud infrastructures, data sovereign storage solutions, SD-WAN, and more.

CloudOps enables telecoms to build off their existing resources and strengths and go-to-market quickly and effectively to validate their new B2B value proposition—one that can help them increase revenue per customer, boost margins, gain market share, and avoid the network-as-a-commodity trap.

Build - Consulting

Most telecoms lack the internal skill set to deliver new, timely, and differentiated cloud and network service offerings.

Our Delivering Cloud consulting services are one way that we partner with telecoms and managed service providers to fill this gap. We plan and quickly implement a go-to-market strategy for these new offerings while leveraging existing infrastructure assets.

Telecoms can build off our existing service offerings (white-label or co-brand) and make use of CloudOps’ solution architects, certified in multiple clouds and cloud native tech. We help qualify and secure opportunities, and deliver B2B services to the market with a simple and consistent experience.

With our Delivering Cloud consulting service, telecoms can validate their market proposition quickly and effectively, while maintaining margins for long-term profitability.

Operate - Managed Services

Service providers can white-label or co-brand CloudOps’ SOC 2 audited managed services offerings to support customers with complex cloud and network operations.

This service enables service provider’s enterprise IT clients to focus on building and modernizing applications, while CloudOps configures and supports their application platform and infrastructure, proactively solving problems.

Our experienced team of certified solution architects and cloud and network operators will act as a part of a service provider’s team, delivering operations 24/7 on any cloud (GCP, Azure, AWS, hybrid, edge, or multi-cloud) or supported network offering.

Transfer - Empowering Operations

With our build-operate-transfer model, we empower their teams to fully take over this new business, and transfer day-to-day responsibilities to them when they are ready. This is done in a number of ways.

CloudOps makes use of its workshops to upskill telecom staff. We train service provider teams for any necessary certifications (GCP, Azure, AWS, etc) and, when they are ready, allow them to fully take over delivery and operations. The end result is that telecoms can own their destiny in the cloud™

CloudOps offers Augmented Support that acts as a safety net for service provider teams and customers. Should they require any ongoing assistance, we commit to being there with the right expertise at the right time. When an operations team needs to escalate a critical issue, our cloud and networking experts will be available to help, 24/7.

Finally, CloudOps can provide ongoing Consulting Services to help Build Clouds, Use Clouds, and Deliver Cloud services.

Software - CloudMC

The shift to edge computing, cloud native and hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure demands a new approach to service delivery, operations and monetization – one that bridges the silos of multi-vendor solutions and helps telecoms and their enterprise users succeed with the transition to an “as-a-service” economy.

CloudMC is an API-driven, modular and extensible, edge orchestration platform that enables service providers to deliver, operate and monetize cloud and network services with a seamless cross-platform experience.