Using Cloud

CloudOps helps you define your cloud goals and solve complex problems. We empower your team, regardless of where you are at in your journey and the cloud platforms you use.

Our team solves for the best ways to reach your business, cultural, and technical objectives in using the cloud. Along the way, we equip you with all the knowledge you need to operationalize your technology stack. CloudOps builds, operates, and can fully transfer and support the solutions we build, allowing you to own your destiny in the cloud® and fuel innovation.

Build - Cloud Native Consulting

Our cloud native architects help you make informed choices in your digital transformation projects. We advise you on the best solutions for your needs, chosen from an ever-changing landscape of tools.

Our consulting team builds DevOps toolchains and application platforms that are cloud native, enabling your applications to be auto-provisioned, auto-scaled, and auto-resilient.

Working with CloudOps can speed up your projects three-fold and provide certainty in the solutions you choose.

Build - Cloud Migration

Cloud migrations don’t have to be fraught with risk. CloudOps has the expertise to be your trusted partner as you migrate workloads in and across cloud platforms.

We steer you towards solutions that maximize your freedom, flexibility, and long-term operational success so that you can own your destiny in the cloud®.

The result? A clear plan that we can execute as you refactor and re-platform applications for the cloud. CloudOps makes it safe and easy for you to succeed with your cloud migration.

Operate - Application Platform Managed Services

Babysitting the health of your application platform distracts your team from delivering great products and innovating.

Instead of having your team side-tracked with reliability, performance, and security concerns, have them focused on bringing more value to the marketplace.

CloudOps’ 24/7 managed services team will take ownership of your application platform and infrastructure operations so you can focus on your core business value.

Transfer - Empower Your Team

CloudOps gives you everything you need to own your destiny in the cloud® by giving you the power to take full responsibility for the solutions we provide.

After a build, we can transfer all documentation, authentication and operational access to your team so that they can take over the solution and manage it in-house.

We offer a variety of workshops to train your team on the use of any new technologies used in your solution, including infrastructure tooling, cloud native technologies, DevOps practices, and more.

We also offer a 24/7 Augmented Support service that gives your people access to our brain trust of experts at any time of day or night, should an issue arise.

Customers who wish to continue building their solution after a first mandate can engage with our Cloud Native Consulting team for more help.

With all of these added value offerings, you will be able to have your team manage your cloud journey with confidence.