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Speed up your cloud native project with CloudOps’ expert advice and implementation. We help you navigate the ever-changing cloud native landscape to find the best solutions for your needs.

Getting to cloud native

A cloud native application is built to live in the cloud. It auto-provisions, auto-scales, and is auto-resilient, delivering maximum value to a business and its end users. The more successfully an application lives in the cloud without causing lock-in to one provider, the more cloud native it is.

Most cloud projects won’t meet these standards on the first pass. At the extreme, a lift and shift cloud migration can lead to a business failure due to runaway costs and stability issues. In most cases, projects need to be re-thought, re-tooled, and re-platformed over time to evolve with new technologies. The cloud moves fast.

Being cloud native takes expertise that’s hard to come by

Most companies are not current on the latest cloud technologies, methods, and practices. Things are always changing and there’s a growing ecosystem of tools and projects to be aware of. No one person can know everything there is to know and most problems don’t have cookie cutter solutions.

That’s why companies who are serious about succeeding with cloud native projects will pick a partner with the experience and know-how to find unique solutions that match their business, cultural, and technical requirements. They realize their challenges need the perspective of multiple experts to solve and some may have never come up before.

Even once they’ve received a solution, many won’t have the skills or hands-on experience to operationalize it. Forward-thinking organizations look for certified experts to train and upskill staff members when bringing cloud native solutions in-house. They seek out workshops that get their teams to speed on cloud native technologies, DevOps practices, and infrastructure tooling—while also helping to shift organizational culture and practices to a new way of working.

CloudOps simplifies the complex

CloudOps’ cloud native consulting helps companies who are becoming digital to design and build DevOps toolchains and application platforms, creating pipelines so they can take full advantage of the cloud operational model. With cloud native applications, you will be able to easily respond to peaks in business activity while increasing your flexibility and speed to market.

Our team of experts has the recipes and collective experience to help you with container strategy, Kubernetes and other cloud native tools, cloud migration, networking, load balancing, service mesh, and other leading edge technologies.

CloudOps will “git” you there faster

CloudOps will get you there at least three times faster than a staff augmentation or taking the project in-house. With tight timelines, this difference in certainty and speed can make or break your digital transformation initiative.

Wherever you are in the process of building, modernizing, or evolving your cloud platform, CloudOps will save you time in finding the right solution. You will have the certainty that comes with working with a team of experts who have customizable recipes, tools, automation scripts, and a diverse history of projects under their belts.

Our team of experts has the recipes and collective experience to help you with container strategy, Kubernetes and other cloud native tools, cloud migration, networking, load balancing, service mesh, and other leading edge technologies.

CloudOps helps you navigate the cloud native landscape

There are an overwhelming number of competing solutions in the DevOps and cloud native ecosystems. The key is to understand the what, why, and how of each to make good choices based on your requirements. Our 15 years of experience solving problems that are native to the cloud mean we can help you make these choices.

The cloud native landscape of tools, presented by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

CloudOps’ unique approach to solving problems will prioritize your ability to own your destiny in the cloud®. We’re agnostic but opinionated, which means you will receive the best solutions to your problems—not just what a vendor wants to sell you.

Don’t take a chance when it comes to your transformation projects. Work with CloudOps and we will get you there on-time, on-budget, with the right solution to meet your needs.

CloudOps knows open source and inner source

We are proud of our team’s collaborative culture and active contribution to open source and DevOps communities, including the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (home of Kubernetes), OpenStack, and Apache CloudStack.

We help partners who want to be good open source citizens to navigate these communities and upstream enhancements as they adapt projects to their own needs. These steps help to ensure the longevity of these projects.

Similarly, we enable larger organizations to inner source their DevOps teams’ best practices and components, establishing an open-source-like culture within organizations focused on collaboration.

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