Upskill your team with CloudOps workshops

Our workshops get your team up to speed on DevOps, and cloud native tooling, on any cloud in days—not months.

Empower your team with our hands-on workshops

Who can benefit?

  • Developers
  • Operators
  • DevOps practicioners
  • Technical desicion makers

Why attend?

  • Start using containers in development and production
  • Deliver code faster, more efficiently
  • Deepen your knowledge on specific tools
  • Build technical skills with hands-on workshops
  • Learn the business value of new methods
  • Learn to navigate the complex cloud native ecosystem

- Meet our experts -

Chanpreet Kaur

Cloud Solution Specialist

Samira Barouti

Cloud Software Architect

Syed Ahmed

Lead Cloud Architect

DevOps Workshops

Our workshops can be customized to suit your specific tool chain and cloud provider.

Contact us for details!

Remote workshops can be delivered in your time zone.

Let us know which one you are in.