DevOps Platform and Practices Assessment

Whether your team already works in a DevOps manner or if you are just beginning the journey, CloudOps can help pave the way. We provide an objective report of the application portfolio, business impact, technical risks, and the path (and gaps) to DevOps best practices and cloud native development and delivery.

Who is it for?

  • Organizations evaluating cloud platforms
  • DevOps teams looking to maximize efficiency
  • Any organizations who run business critical applications, who care about speed to market and modernization of their applications, and looking to adopt DevOps

Understand the real issues

Our assessment report provides suggested scope of any next steps.

Business Impact

  • Security and audit requirements (PCI, SOC, HIPAA, CSA, etc.)
  • Downtime impact
  • Data loss
  • Speed/efficiency of innovation
  • Scalability/elasticity
  • Regionality/data sovereignty

Technical requirements

  • Application performance
  • Automation & CI/CD
  • Operations & delivery models
  • Architecture Review
  • Development tooling and processes
  • Deployment and operations
  • Visibility and SLAs

Let us help you!

CloudOps solutions begin with an assessment that considers your unique business, technical, and cultural needs. Contact us using the form below and we will get back to you within the next business day.