A Checklist for your Cloud Migration Strategy

A CloudOps white paper on how to migrate legacy applications into the cloud.

The cloud has enabled highly scalable and automated IT infrastructures that accelerate software delivery pipelines, allowing organizations to efficiently respond to customer demands and digitize their product offerings. The migration of legacy applications into cloud environments, whether public, private, or hybrid, is becoming more urgent by the day, but migration strategies must be carefully planned if they are to result in cloud native architectures.

In this report, we explore how technology stacks can be analyzed for migration. It is ideal for technical team leaders looking to migrate their applications into the cloud.

You will learn about:

  • How to analyze hardware, OSes, middleware, and software for cloud migration
  • Application environment tools and properties
  • Cloud native equivalents for legacy tools
  • Key steps in any migration strategy
  • How to integrate automation into migrating applications

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