In this workshop, we explore app and infrastructure monitoring tools (open source and proprietary), configurations, APM, altering and visualizing data with hands-on labs.

Duration: 2 days

$2500/attendee (minimum 6 attendees)


Experience using Linux CLI and a general understanding of DevOps concepts

Technical Requirements:

Mac, Linux OS or Windows laptop with SSH client (putty, cygwin), web browser supporting HTML5

Course Outline

Day 1
  • Why DevOps monitoring is different
  • Traditional monitoring tools
  • Purpose: Dig into the concepts and implementations
  • Key features, processes, and roles
  • Gaps in monitoring agents
  • Application monitoring
Day 2
  • ELK/EFK – Putting it all together
  • Review of Kibana
  • Operalization of Scaling of the Stack
  • Requirements gathering and setting up the right levels of alerting
  • Aggregation for logs and alerts
  • Consuming the data – for various users and stakeholders
  • Contrast and compare Kibana and Grafana
  • Deep-dive into Kibana
  • Deep-dive into Grafana