Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Good planning can facilitate cloud adoption, and pave the way to future success.
A move to the cloud can help you capture new business advantage, but it doesn’t mean you have to rip out and replace your entire IT environment to get there. CloudOps partners with you to define the best migration strategy for your business.
A strategic migration to one or multiple clouds can
Control spiralling costs

Lower and stabilize infrastructure costs, eliminate upfront hardware provisioning, and scale with business activity, while eliminating waste

Increase Agility

Increase speed-to-market and flexibility of your deployments. Teams can self-serve and easily provision environments for dev, staging and production.

Transform Legacy Infra

Rather than remain on inflexible infrastructure, lifting existing applications into the cloud makes it easier to create components that are right-sized and interoperable.

Develop a migration and cloud native strategy that meets your current workload and security requirements; as well as scale to the future needs of your business; all while working within your budget and giving you maximum return on your investment. Migration likely means a new way of working for your development and operations teams – get them up to speed on ongoing operational requirements with our hands-on workshops.
Our Approach:
1 Discover Application portfolio and business observation, reporting.
2 Assess Identify cloud-ready applications for migration. Analyze technical and business requirements to: refactor, re-platform, repurchase, retain, retire, or re-host.
3 Plan Create a migration plan to cloud(s) considering dependencies within your application environment, infrastructure, and impact on business.
4 Execute Migrate existing applications from legacy environments to private or public cloud(s) while minimizing disruption to your business.
5 Support We can support your application platform or provide knowledge transfer so your team can be autonomous – either way we are always available to help 24/7.