Meet CloudOps®

CloudOps is a cloud consulting, managed services, and software company focused on open source, cloud native platforms, networking, and DevOps.

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Launched in 2005 by Ian Rae to meet the infrastructure needs of software-focused organizations, CloudOps has grown steadily and organically from an operations managed services shop to a leader in cloud computing, cloud networking, and DevOps solutions. The services we provide help customers use and build cloud platforms, with an emphasis on operational success and networking connectivity.

In January 2023, CloudOps was acquired by Aptum, a global hybrid multi-cloud managed service provider. By joining forces, we’re better placed to help customers accelerate their application platform engineering and operational excellence in the cloud. Ian continues to head up the CloudOps & CloudMC business unit within Aptum.

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Who we work with

We work primarily with the following industries: telecom, utility, financial, large enterprise, software, media, healthcare, and the public sector. CloudOps partners with forward thinking customers to ensure the long term success of their projects.

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Own Your Destiny in the Cloud®

Our mission is to ensure our customers own their destiny in the cloud™. This means we help our customers leverage the flexibility of the cloud while reserving the right to change technologies and components without vendor lock-in. This enables our customers to meet their changing business goals over time.

With a focus on your requirements, our approach is cloud platform and tool agnostic. You will benefit from our vast experience and expertise by getting opinions on best-of-breed open source and proprietary technologies.

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Our Logo

The CloudOps logo visually depicts the path to value for our customers. The C and the O of the logo is combined to create a cloud with the top of the C presenting an on-ramp into cloud adoption. Moving into the O, the logo represents an iterative cycle of continuous improvement, adaptation, and evolution as requirements are constantly updated.

The journey into the cloud begins with a minimum viable platform, followed by the development of an entire value chain. We help our customers along a virtuous feedback loop of optimization and improvement with cloud technologies.

The brand promises we live by

We empower our customers with DevOps best practices, helping them to make informed technology choices that reduce the risk of their investments while giving them options and leverage over suppliers. We help to enable cloud native workloads that take full advantage of the cloud’s operational model with containers. Along the way, there are four things we promise our customers.

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Git there faster!

We promise to help our customers identify and reach their goals more quickly than they would on their own. DevOps adoption can seem overwhelming and unclear; the decision-making and experimentation required means organizations can take years learning how to build and operate their own platforms.

With the knowledge and experience acquired by fifteen years of learning and solving problems, we carry the residual value of every project we have ever worked on before.

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Empower operations

With Ops in our name, we know how important it is to design and implement architectures with long-term operations in mind. Our delivery model involves building, operating, and transferring value in the application platform. After building an application platform as part of a customer’s DevOps platform adoption, we are willing to either operate their platform for the customer or transfer those operations to their team.

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The right expertise at the right time

Our knowledge and experience means our team of teams are able to offer the expertise required to solve problems however they occur. As our teams work around the clock to offer 24/7 support, we are prepared to solve those problems as they occur. We promise our customers the right expertise at the right time so they can focus on their application development without worrying about the health of the supporting application platform.

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Own your destiny

Owning your destiny means maintaining a cloud strategy that suits your business model and isn’t locked into a vendor that doesn’t suit your long-term roadmap. Your cloud strategy requires an awareness of the complexities the infrastructure and application platform layers bring to the differentiated value of your application development. We promise to help you reach your ideal strategy more quickly than you would on your own, and then empower your cloud strategy so it can be maintained either with or without us.