New Architectures in a Cloudy World

A CloudOps white paper on emerging IT

Cloud computing is a significant shift in the enterprise technology landscape. In the face of open, on-demand computing, CIOs must rebalance their IT strategy—both to take advantage of all that clouds can offer, and to mitigate the competitive barriers that clouds have destroyed.

In this report, we look at the dramatic shift that cloud computing has triggered, and what enterprise IT professionals must do to thrive and survive in the cloud era.

In this paper you will learn about:

  • The different definitions of cloud computing.
  • Cloud infrastructures, platforms, and software.
  • Public and private clouds.
  • Why clouds matter.
  • Why enterprises must adopt clouds aggressively if they are to survive.
  • Why you can't get there quickly (and how to deal with that fact).
  • The security of clouds.
  • Portability, standards, and lock-in.
  • Clouds as ecosystems for workloads.
  • Design patterns for different cloud workloads.
  • Guidelines for CIOs.

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