Why CloudOps?

CloudOps helps organizations succeed in the Cloud.

When adopting new cloud technologies, it is easy for organizations to get lost down a rabbit hole of searching for the right cloud solutions, attempting to upskill technical teams, changing culture, and defining new lines of business.

Before you know it, your team can be distracted by these new projects, not delivering on your organization’s core business value. CloudOps allows your organization to focus on what it does best—creating differentiated value for your business—as we build and operate the cloud platform solutions that enable this.

- Where we help -

Four reasons to work with CloudOps

1. Leading edge cloud experts

Our “Team of Teams” has the broad experience and deep expertise to help your organization navigate a rapidly changing cloud landscape. We collaborate to deliver cloud platform solutions using best-of-breed open source and proprietary technologies. Our active contribution to open source, cloud native, and DevOps communities, as well as our partnerships, gives us a unique vantage point in an industry that continues to change. This means that we will always be able to find the best solution for your needs.

2. A proven process for cloud enablement

CloudOps delivers cloud solutions with its build, operate, and transfer model for client engagements. Projects start with an assessment to determine your business, cultural, and technical needs. Our expert teams deliver solutions, manage them, and can fully transfer them to your staff to take over. Workshops allow your teams to increase their practical skills with new technologies. Transformations help with all of the above, including cultural change.

3. Three times faster with our collective knowledge

Since 2005, CloudOps has been learning what works and what doesn’t, and building systems to deliver rapid time-to-value for your organization. Our customer engagements across various industries (telecommunications, utilities, finance, large enterprise, software, media, health, and the public sector) have helped us to develop defaults for recurring automations and processes. We build off of these and customize for your unique needs to deliver reliable cloud solutions in less than one third the time.

Past projects and customers contribute to our collective knowledge, saving customers money, time, and reducing risk. “Git” there at least three times faster with CloudOps.

4. Long-term operational success

We approach every cloud project with its long-term operational success in-mind. Cloud enablement is a journey, not a destination. As operators ourselves, we have a stake in setting things up so that they are easy to manage and can evolve over time. Platform and tool agnostic, we have a bias for technologies that minimize lock-in and maximize flexibility. When you work with Cloudops, you can own your destiny in the cloud™.

- A trusted partner -

With all of the challenges that come with adopting cloud technologies and making them work for your organization, you will want a partner who you can trust to advise and support you every step of the way.

We're here to help. Contact us to start the conversation.