Cloud-Native and Containers: Liz Rice presents
Preventative Security Using Open Source Tools

Join us as we host a webinar with Liz Rice, Technology Evangelist with Aqua Security. We will explore the key container security challenges and how to get started with preventive security for containers and cloud-native apps using open source tools. These tools arm security administrators and developers with an easy way to identify weaknesses in container deployments so that they can address issues before they are exploited by attackers.

Join us November 20 at 12 pm EST

We’ll review:
  • Kube-Bench: checks a Kubernetes cluster against 100+ checks documented in the CIS Kubernetes Benchmark.
  • Kube-Hunter: conducts penetration tests against Kubernetes clusters that hunt for exploitable vulnerabilities and misconfiguration – both from outside the cluster as well as inside it (running as a pod).

Containers: Docker & Kubernetes

Discover the business value of microservices and container orchestration.
Lead your team toward containers and equip them with deeper expertise, including recommendations on how to get your team started.

For Product Owners and Executives

This webinar covers:
  • Benefits of containers including scalability, portability and seamless upgrades
  • Docker, Kubernetes and their ecosystems
  • Where and how to begin

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