Lost at Sea: Navigating the Complexities of Kubernetes


A Comparative Summary of Kubernetes Tooling: Open Source, Distributions, and Managed Services
While the efficiency and long-term viability of Kubernetes are apparent, its reputation for complexity is not unfounded. To that end, CloudOps has compiled a summary of the most well-known tooling to implement and manage Kubernetes clusters. Facilitating the deployment of containers at scale, Kubernetes…

Case Study: Managed Cloud Services Help Insurance Insight Offer an Enterprise Web Application Experience

Insurance Insight

Switching from a managed colocation model to a fully managed cloud infrastructure resulted in a scalable and flexible enterprise class solution, increased performance, and higher availability with multi-zone disaster recovery, all on an SMB budget.

Insurance Insight was looking to:

Establish a Canadian-based scalable infrastructure to efficiently host their web applications.

420 Guy Street
Montreal, QC H3J 1S6

56 Temperance St, 7th Floor
Toronto, ON M5H 3V5
201 Sommerville Ave.
Sommerville, MA 02143