• Companies engaged in eCommerce depend on their Web site as a primary source of revenue. They need 24X7 reliability, security and an elastic Cloud infrastructure that can scale to absorb peaks in traffic and rising demand, supported by a partner they can count on.

CloudOps’ solution for eCommerce combines best of breed open core technologies with a managed level of service to enable eCommerce companies to grow their business with confidence.

    • Secure
    • Scalable – able to detect bursts in near real time
    • Elastic – spin up or delete servers as needed in real time to support fluctuations in demand
    • 24X7 managed service support


Key Points:

    • Gain Competitive Advantage
    By partnering with Cloud Ops eCommerce vendors can focus on driving revenue and customer acquisition, knowing their IT infrastructure is rock solid and fully managed and supported.
    • Easily Modernize
    Easily implement and deploy the latest technologies as you need them and as business demands.
    • Low Risk
    CloudOps allows you to build your business with confidence, absorbing customer demand — even during peak online buying seasons. Our solutions can grow with the needs of your business, providing you with on-demand access to highly reliable, and fully supported Cloud-based services.
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