Development & Test

  • For development teams delivering SaaS solutions, speed equals competitive advantage. They need on-demand access to scalable development and testing environments to facilitate innovation, accelerate delivery, and streamline hand-off to production, provided by a partner they can trust.

CloudOps’ solution for Dev/Test offers your development team all of the advantages and benefits of the public Cloud – but more.

    • Spin up infrastructure on demand.
    • Gain near instant access to best of breed hardware, servers, storage and more.
    • Build out new components over time as your team grows and requirements change.
    • Benefit from CloudOps 24X7 managed service, sophisticated monitoring and optimization and extensive Cloud expertise.


Key Points:

    • Agile
    Cloud Ops on-demand Cloud solutions allows development teams to respond to changing business needs, accelerate dev/test cycles, and experiment without risk.
    • Elastic
    Through CloudOps easy to use self-service portal, development teams gain near instant access to the hybrid Cloud infrastructure solutions they need [/icon] when they need it.
    • More than the Public Cloud
    With CloudOps hybrid and managed Cloud solutions, development teams can enjoy all of the speed and flexibility public Cloud infrastructures have to offer, but additionally benefit from infrastructure optimization and monitoring, 24/7 managed reliability, and access to technical resources with extensive Cloud expertise and 25+ experience in IT.
    • Low Risk
    CloudOps allows you to develop with confidence and deliver on project deadlines with certainty – without taking on the risk and costs normally associated with a proprietary development/IT infrastructure. Our solutions can grow with the needs of your business, providing your development and QA teams with on-demand access to highly reliable, fully supported Cloud-based services.
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