Cloud Services and Products

Cloud native technologies and DevOps practices are complex. Modernize existing applications and enable new operational models. We help you throughout your journey.

We partner with our customers to meet business, cultural, and technical requirements.

CloudOps prides itself on being platform and tool agnostic but opinionated when building, operating, and equipping teams to support successful cloud strategies. This allows our customers to own their destiny with a mix of open source software, partner, DevOps tools, and our own automation workflows.

Using Cloud

Whether you’re already in the cloud or migrating workloads for the first time; using a private, hybrid-, or multi-cloud model; or seeking advice to make your application platforms more cloud native; CloudOps will build, operate, and transfer the right solution to your team.

The end result is workloads running successfully in and across clouds, more reliably and with less overhead, enabling more innovation as you focus on developing differentiated value for your business.

Building Cloud

By combining open source and proprietary software and tools, CloudOps can help you become a service provider and build your own Infrastructure as a Service.

Modernize your architecture, migrate to a hybrid cloud with a flexible network infrastructure, and accelerate business agility with containers on cloud or bare metal.

Delivering Cloud

Telecom service providers are looking for new ways to grow revenue, while the enterprise services market has a growing need for integrated commercial offerings that include: edge computing, cloud native technologies, hybrid multi-cloud infrastructures, data sovereign storage solutions, SD-WAN, and more.

CloudOps empowers telecoms to build on their existing infrastructure assets and get-to-market quickly and effectively to validate new B2B value propositions. We enable telecoms with our build, operate, and transfer services that help them increase revenue per customer, boost margins, gain market share, and avoid the network-as-a-commodity trap.


The amount of data we generate is increasing too rapidly for our networks to keep up.

CloudOps can implement the connectivity to help improve software and hardware performance using load-balancing, service mesh, and networking solutions.


Digital transformations require a complex set of changes to your organization’s culture, skills, technologies, and processes, plus the buy-in of all relevant stakeholders.

Our consulting, culture and skills training, and custom blueprints for change allow you to evolve faster with DevOps, CloudOps, and DevNetOps transformations.

We have the experience to help you move forward with certainty as you unlock new business models with new technologies.

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