Cloud Architecture and Application Platform Assessment

  • You have decided to move to the cloud. But what is the best cloud architecture for your business needs – today and tomorrow?

Our team of DevOps experts and cloud consultants bring their extensive experience in evaluating, designing, and implementing cloud architectures to your business, to help you determine a best of breed approach that is high performing/available, cost effective, scalable for the future, and best suited for your business needs.

Our approach:

    • Planning
    CloudOps consultants will work to understand your needs and business goals, identify architectural, application and underlying infrastructure issues, assess your performance monitoring needs, and perform a gap analysis.
    • Information Gathering
    CloudOps partners with management, line of business, and IT teams to gather knowledge about your business and its application and infrastructure environment. When possible we interact directly with your services – logging directly onto systems in your current environment. Our business requirements evaluation includes:
    • Security and audit requirements (PCI, SOC, HIPAA, CSA, etc.)
    • Downtime impact
    • Application performance
    • Data loss
    • Speed/efficiency of innovation
    • Scalability/elasticity
    • Regional/data sovereignty
    • Automation & CI/CD
    • Operations model
    • Delivery model

    Our technical evaluation includes:

    • Architecture Review
    • Development tooling and processes
    • Deployment and Operations
    • Visibility and SLAs
    • Analysis & Recommendations
    After gathering and evaluating information and data, we will provide you with a recommended architectural approach.



Key Points:

Actionable results: our analysis aligns the business value with current or future technical state. The deliverables are used to prioritize actions.

    • Reference Architectures
    CloudOps will help you validate the right architectural model(s) for your business.
    • Informed Operational Experience
    CloudOps not only designs and builds cloud architectures, but supports and manages them.
    • Around The Clock Expertise
    CloudOps offers 24X7 support, optimization, and monitoring services.
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