Application Delivery Controllers

  • You want to deliver applications with the best economics, performance, security, and reliability.

Application Delivery Controllers (ADC’s), evolved from “load balancers”, have become a critical part of delivering Enterprise (SAP, Oracle, MSFT, etc.) and Internet (SaaS, E-Commerce, M2M, etc.) applications. The demands for 24x7x365 availability, simplified remote access, faster response times, mobility, application level security, and increased visibility have made ADCs an essential part of service delivery. The ADC is an application fluent networking solution that enhances performance and can take corrective action to avoid application and infrastructure faults impacting end-users.

Consolidation and Network Virtualization

Minimize your datacenter footprint and support contracts, power consumption, operational complexity and attack perimeter with the adoption of an ADC. Leverage the converged layer 4-7 capabilities of an ADC and the Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform of the leading ADCs to eliminate point products that add latency, complexity and costs.

     ADC’s in the Enterprise: 
    The demands for 24x7x365 availability, simplified remote access, faster response times, mobility, application level security, and increased visibility have made ADC’s an essential part of service delivery within Enterprises, large and small. As applications become more virtualized and deployed across multiple data centers and in the cloud, a software or virtual ADC becomes an indispensable part of the application architecture. Your datacenter footprint, support contracts, power draw, operational complexity, and attack perimeter can all be minimized with the adoption of an ADC.
     ADC’s for Internet Applications: 
    Any custom built application, whether a Mobile, SaaS, E-commerce, or M2M can benefit from the performance, security, availability and scalability capabilities of an ADC. Software or virtual ADCs help deliver excellent service levels consistently even when application traffic fluctuates. An ADC speeds innovation and reduces operational costs. Getting the most out of the ADC requires integration with your development and deployment process.

Leverage our ADC expertise in the Data Center

    Consulting Services
  • CloudOps offers technical and operational consulting services that can accelerate the time to value and increase the return on your investment. CloudOps has deep expertise on leading ADC vendors and years of experience working with Enterprise IT and Internet application operators to adopt the benefits of application-centric infrastructure.
    Maximize ROI
  • CloudOps can help you select the best solution and operational model for your business and technical requirements.
    Implementation and Migration Services
  • CloudOps has expertise migrating customers to new ADC platforms. Send us your current configuration and we can give you a free assessment.
    Support for Your Operations
  • No one department touches applications, network, middleware, and security. CloudOps has a team of experts that can support your organization. Contact us to reduce your risk and to get the most out of an ADC.

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