The Economic Impact ™ of Microsoft Azure IaaS

Enterprises need consistent ways to develop, secure, and manage apps at scale across their growing hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Managing these environments is incredibly challenging and complex.

A research paper by Forrester

Enterprises may realize significant return on investment (ROI) by shifting some or all their management and operations from on-premises, hosted, and outsourced implementations to Azure's infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering. In this study, Forrester Consulting evaluates the potential financial impact of leveraging Azure IaaS for their organizations.

Benefits gained by interviewed customers that migrated or re-architected some or all workloads from on-premises to IaaS include:

  • Greater revenue opportunities from business-to-business (B2B) and customer web channels with a solution that is more mobile and reliable, and meets scale and seasonality needs.
  • Increased profits from those revenues.
  • Improved production efficiency.
  • Reduced datacenter, IT resource, and outsourcing costs.
  • Easier and faster software and hardware management (such as patching and support).

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