Securing your DevOps Platform

Software Pipelines, Middleware, and Infrastructure for Software Companies

Entrusted to protect personal data that is provided to them by customers, SaaS companies have a responsibility to address security issues and safeguard information in order to minimize the risk of breaches and maintain the trust of their customers. In this report, we explore security certifications, processes, and the cost of DIY versus a managed security solution.

You will learn about:

  • Security challenges faced by SaaS companies.
  • Multiple factors that make it difficult for SaaS companies to prevent data breaches.
  • Common types of attacks on web applications.
  • The value of industry certification and audit.
  • Two options to secure your SaaS business: DIY (in-house) and the Managed Services approach (Security-as-a-Service).
  • A cost analysis of both options, including secondary investment costs.
  • An introduction to CloudOps' Managed Application Platform (MAP) with SOC 2 security option.

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