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A CloudOps analysis of client-side latency and availability on Cloud Platforms — We analyzed several days’ data collected worldwide from visitors to specially instrumented sites. The data totaled nearly three hundred million individual tests, conducted by 1.2 million individual browser visits, measuring performance and availability of nine cloud providers.

Cloud Performance Whitepaper


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A CloudOps white paper about securing SaaS applications — Entrusted to protect personal data that is provided to them by customers, SaaS companies have a responsibility to address security issues and safeguard information in order to minimize the risk of breaches and maintain the trust of their customers.

In this report, we explore security certifications, processes, and the cost of DIY versus a managed security solution.

SaaS Secure and affordable




A CloudOps Research White Paper on organizational efficiency — Tribal knowledge can be a liability in fast-changing organizations. Whether you’re a startup, a growth-stage technology firm, or a traditional enterprise, your innovation happens in the higher layer of technology. For technical employees, this means it’s no longer about whether you can build the technological underpinnings – it’s how you turn that technology in to a business outcome.

In this report, we explore tribal knowledge in fast changing organizations, how it affects efficiency and processes.

Tribal Knowledge white paper




A CloudOps Research White Paper on the Journey from ISV to SaaS — The fight is over, and Software-as-a-Service won. Software companies that wait too long to move to an on-demand model lose market share, and quickly grow out of touch with their customers. Those are some pretty bold statements, and this document was written to convince you. It’s based on discussions with hundreds of founders, investors, and startup accelerators; and hard-won lessons from dozens of companies that we’ve helped make the jump to SaaS.

Road to SaaS Whitepaper


A CloudOps Research White Paper on Emerging IT — Cloud computing is a significant shift in the enterprise technology landscape. In the face of open, on-demand computing, CIOs must rebalance their IT strategy—both to take advantage of all that clouds can offer, and to mitigate the competitive barriers that clouds have destroyed.

In this report, we look at the dramatic shift that cloud computing has triggered, and what enterprise IT professionals must do to thrive and survive in the cloud era.

New Architectures in a Cloudy World Whitepaper


Legal Aspects of Turning Large Amounts of Data into Valuable Insights — With Big Data tools, the focus turns from managing the burden of large amounts of information to leveraging its value. The analytical power of Big Data, however, also raises certain legal concerns.

Law in the Age of Big Data Whitepaper

Monitoring, Measurement and Business Optimization — In this document, we’ll look at some of the shifts that are changing web businesses; why it’s important to have a complete picture of your online presence both within and outside the firewall.; and how to go about capturing that picture in complex, blended IT architectures that include on-premise and on-demand components.

Era or End User Whitepaper


Changing the way we build — In this briefing, we look at the fundamentals of the Cloud and why many believe it to be the infrastructure for coming generations of applications. We also present a taxonomy of the cloud industry and a look at the obstacles it must overcome to attract mainstream adoption.

Cloud Computing Whitepaper


A CloudOps study on the performance of Cloud Computing Platforms — Performance monitoring firm Webmetrics approached us to write a study on cloud performance. We decided to assess several cloud platforms, across several dimensions, using Webmetrics’ testing services to collect performance data. In this report, you’ll find our results and guidelines for testing the performance of cloud computing platforms yourself.
Cloud Computing Performance Whitepaper

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