OpenStack Workshop

OpenStack Workshop

OpenStack has garnered attention in IT for good reason. This open source IaaS delivers great value, which comes with great responsibility. There are many different use cases, moving parts, and challenging complexities. CloudOps offers hands-on workshops that can be tailored to your organization’s workloads and level of knowledge. Save time and get up to speed on practical applications of OpenStack in a day or two.

Learn About OpenStack

With Canadian and international OpenStack community involvement, we are in a unique position to provide insight on new features, production use cases, adoption, and upgrade challenges.


  Who should attend?

The workshop is designed for:

  • Developers
  • Operators
  • Sysadmins
  • DevOps practitioners
  • Technical decision makers

  Why should I attend?

You are looking to get started using OpenStack and or evaluate its fit for organization

You would like to better understand the OpenStack ecosystem

You would like to learn how to implement, run and or upgrade OpenStack

OpenStack Foundations

Short background on the history, with an in depth look at the current state and direction the projects are taking. We will cover the core projects, object and block storage, orchestration, and data processing, including a fast-paced deep dive exploring API call-flows, reference architectures, system components and packet flows. The workshop content is 60% theory and 40% practical, including hands-on labs.

Duration: 1 day
Remote: $1500/attendee (minimum 6 attendees)
On Premise: $2500/attendee (minimum 6 attendees)

Experience using Linux CLI and a general understanding of virtualization and networking
Technical Requirements:
Mac, Linux OS or Windows laptop with SSH client (putty, cygwin), web browser supporting HTML5
Course Outline:
  • Introduction to OpenStack
  • OpenStack Basics
  • Ceph Overview (Ceph workshop details here)
  • Neutron
  • OpenStack Ocata version Lab
  • Horizon, the OpenStack UI
  • OpenStack CLI
  • OpenStack Distributions and comparison: Mirantis, Red Hat, Canonical, WindRiver, IBM, SUSE
  • OpenStack labs on-demand in bare metal clouds

Optional Add-ons:
  • SDN (½ day)
    Use cases, vendor ecosystem, open source options, integration with Neutron
  • NFV (½ day)
    VNF onboarding, orchestration and management. NFVi overview and related technologies
  • OpenStack Deployments (½ day)
    All the ways to deploy OpenStack from Ansible to Kola, Helm and Kubernetes
  • Big Data and Machine Learning (½ day)
    Use cases for OpenStack in BD/ML including Sahara and Meteos
  • Day 2 Challenges (1 day)
    Monitoring, capacity planning, showback, workload onboarding, and tenant care

Our workshops include labs

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