Infrastructure as Code Workshop

Infrastructure as Code Workshop

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) perceives the underlying infrastructure for your application as software, and uses code to manage the configuration and automation of infrastructure provisioning. IaC relies on automation to reconfigure and redeploy infrastructure efficiently, across multiple clouds. CloudOps provides a hands-on workshops on automation tooling (Hashicorp’s Terraform and Ansible).

Benefits of Infrastructure as Code

Saves time, effort, and infra resources
Reduces errors
Reduces risk and technical debt

  Who should attend?

  • Developers
  • Operators
  • DevOps practitioners
  • Technical decision makers

  Why should I attend?

Better understand how IaC benefits your team

Utilize DevOps practices to increase efficiency within your team

Learn to support application deployments across multiple clouds

Simplify the adoption and management of building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently

IaC Workshop

During this workshop you will learn:

  • How Terraform by Hashicorp works as a cross platform, infrastructure tool enabling you to use the same tooling over multiple platforms for infrastructure automation;
  • How Ansible can be used to manage remote application configurations and VM installations built on top of your Terraform infrastructure deployment.

Duration: 1 day
On Premise: $1500/attendee (minimum 6 attendees)

Basic knowledge of cloud computing concepts and architectures
Technical Requirements:
Mac, Linux OS or Windows laptop with SSH client (putty, cygwin), web browser supporting HTML5. Installations of: Terraform, Ansible and the Terraform provider plugin
Course Outline:
  • – Introduction
  • – Install and configure Terraform
  • – Digging in to Terraform: code structure, providers, variables
  • – Learning the fundamentals: lifecycle, managing assets
  • – Getting in to the details: templates
  • – Tooling decisions: IaC vs. config management

DevOps automation

This workshop includes labs

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