Our Experts

Our team works tirelessly to build, maintain, and deliver up-to-date, practical content on a variety of subjects and tools.

Our experts

Chanpreet Kaur

Cloud Solutions Specialist

Chanpreet is a Cloud Solutions Specialist at CloudOps with over two years of experience in helping companies adopt new technologies, both in DevOps and Cloud. She has a background in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Chanpreet is interested in learning about tools such as GCP, Ansible and EFK.

Samira Barouti

Cloud Software Architect

Samira specializes in cloud native technologies, including Docker and Kubernetes, as well as CI/CD and secrets management tools. She is a Certified Kubernetes Administrator, and has worked on DevOps transformations and cloud automation projects for organizations ranging from gaming companies to telecom providers.

Syed Ahmed

Lead Cloud Architect

With extensive knowledge in networking, container technologies, cloud computing, and big data infrastructure, Syed adds a unique perspective to solving challenging problems. He is a Google Data Engineer and a Certified Kubernetes Administrator. Syed is an avid open source contributor, a committer and Project Management Committee member of the Apache CloudStack project.

Jeff Dawson

Cloud Solutions Architect

Jeff has extensive experience in all phases of the software development life cycle for web applications – from analysis to architecture, and development through to production – with specialization in CI/CD pipelines, monitoring, and non-functional testing. Jeff is passionate about infrastructure as code and site reliability engineering.

Samy Zemmouri

Container Solution Architect

Samy has over six years experience in application development and cloud architecture, specializing in cloud native technologies, including Docker and Kubernetes, as well as DevOps CI/CD automation and monitoring. He has worked on delivering scalable, cloud-ready, dual-stack platform (IPv6/IPv4) solutions enabling service providers to deliver an extensive and advanced set of authentication, authorization, and security mechanisms for 5G, IMS VoLTE, RCS, and IoT services. Samy has also worked in research to develop innovative and creative solutions around green networking in the context of SDN/NFV.