Delivering Cloud Consulting

CloudOps helps empower telecoms and MSPs in their delivery and monetization of differentiated cloud and network service offerings.

A changing landscape

Telecoms are only seeing modest growth prospects for their traditional lines of business. Where hosting customer workloads was once enough, today’s enterprise IT users want integrated commercial offerings that include: edge computing, cloud native technologies, hybrid multi-cloud infrastructures, data sovereign storage solutions, SD-WAN, and more.

The demand for these new services requires a new approach to service delivery, operations, and monetization—one that bridges the silos of multi-vendor solutions and helps telecoms and their enterprise users succeed with the transition to an “as-a-service” economy.

Go-to-market challenges

The case for new revenue generation services is clear, but telecoms face a wide breadth of challenges when it comes to the commercialization and monetization of these new solutions.

Limited skill set

Telecoms lack the internal skill set to build and deliver new, timely, and differentiated cloud and network service offerings

Time and cost

Bringing new services to market alone costs time when speed is critical and any extra costs affects margins and long-term sustainability

New services

Building a sales pipeline of cloud services opportunities is a challenge for telecoms used to selling connectivity services

Lack of certifications

No certified cloud solutions architects or operations leaders, especially for multi-cloud (GCP, Azure, AWS) and cloud native tech (Kubernetes)

These challenges can make it hard for service providers to go-to-market quickly and maintain healthy margins. Our Delivering Cloud consulting services solve these problems.

Fast-track B2B services with CloudOps

CloudOps has been developing, selling, delivering, operating, and supporting cloud and network services since 2005. To help telecoms tap into the lucrative enterprise services market, we offer Delivering Cloud services where you can partner with us to go-to-market, validate, and scale your new business model quickly, while keeping costs under control.

Technical skills

Draw from our deep bench of experienced solution architects—certified in GCP, Azure, AWS, and more. Our team is ready to deliver integrated hybrid multi-cloud and network solutions for you and your enterprise customers.

Commercialization expertise

CloudOps has unique industry knowledge for suggesting suitable solutions for existing and prospective customers. Our certified solutions architects and cloud operations experts integrate with your teams to define and productize new offerings, generate opportunities, qualify and secure sales, and deliver services in a seamless way.

Deliver a full suite of services

White-label and co-brand with CloudOps to make use of our sales, marketing, and training assets. Our technical teams are ready to enable the delivery of a wide portfolio of cloud and network services.

Own your destiny in the cloud®

In line with our build-operate-transfer delivery model, CloudOps will upskill your staff on new technologies with our workshops, and ensure that your team obtains the certifications to deliver these services themselves. We will help you to own your destiny in the cloud®

The CloudMC advantage

CloudMC is a modular and extensible, edge orchestration platform that enables telecoms and managed service providers to deliver, operate and monetize cloud and network services with a seamless cross-platform experience.

Service providers can keep costs low by integrating with leading open source infrastructure platforms (Kubernetes, OpenStack, CloudStack), building on the wide breadth of innovative services from hyperscale cloud providers (GCP, Azure, AWS) and seamlessly integrating with existing connectivity offerings (SD-WAN).

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