CloudMC: IaaS Portal for Service Providers

CloudMC: IaaS Portal for Service Providers

As telcos and regional service providers launch or consider implementing their own cloud services, open source is a cost-effective IaaS choice. However, it is difficult to productize and to deliver open source IaaS to end users with the fit and finish they have come to expect, as well as support for a variety of clouds models.

The CloudMC Advantage

On-premises or hosted software that provides a one stop, self-service portal for cloud service orchestrator management and provisioning, including product catalogs, licensing, billing and metering.

CloudMC Architecture

  On-prem ITaaS business platform

Define, configure, manage and deliver IaaS, NFV and related IT services to end-users for traditional and cloud native workloads.

  Open SDK and APIs

An extensible platform with an open SDK and API, designed to orchestrate multiple cloud infrastructure services.

  Tribrid cloud metering & billing

Three modes of cloud infrastructure delivery; shared regional cloud, dedicated private cloud and public hyperscale cloud (such as AWS, Azure and GCP).

  Run on open source

Enables regional cloud providers to leverage the flexibility, control and automation of leading open source infrastructure platforms such as OpenStack and Apache CloudStack.

Revenue Velocity

Optimize your IaaS sales channels

Multi-channel go to market

  • Multi-level multi-tenant reseller model
  • Multi-level white label
  • Offer utility and term pricing

Rapid time to revenue

  • Efficient on-boarding
  • Automated trial provisioning and management
  • On-demand resource provisioning

Security & Governance

Secure user & environment management

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Fine-grained role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Service provider license management & billing

Lean Operations

Automation to increase efficiency

  • Integrated CMS-backed knowledge base
  • In-platform notifications and alerting
  • Resource creation wizard


Extensible Framework

Take control of your experience

  • Supports multi-cloud integrations
  • Open SDK to integrate new services
  • Open API and automation tools

Use Cases

  • Deliver IaaS as a regional cloud, dedicated private cloud and/or hybrid cloud via a self-serve portal for customers and partners.
  • Enable a regional ecosystem of resellers with multi-level and multi-tenant delivery model.
  • Deliver “IT as a Service” including:
    • Desktop as a Service
    • Virtual data center services
    • Containers as a Service
    • Metal as a Service
  • Delivering a NFVi as a Service platform to regional network service providers for vCPE (virtual customer premise equipment) and VAS (value added services like Clean Pipe, Malware Services, Content Filtering).
  • Shared Service Providers
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