Ceph Workshop

Ceph Workshop

Ceph is an open source object, block and file system storage software that helps organization better manage vast amounts of data. Ceph’s cloud storage solution can complement an OpenStack deployment or work as a stand-alone alternative to avoid vendor lock-in. CloudOps offers hands-on workshops that can be tailored to your organization’s workloads and level of knowledge. Save time and get up to speed on Ceph in a day or two.

Learn About Ceph

As contributors to various open source projects, we have practical experience with deployments of many production environements, adoption and upgrade challenges.

  Who should attend?

The workshop is designed for:

  • Operators
  • Sys admins
  • Storage admins
  • Cloud admins

  Why should I attend?

You are evaluating storage options and looking to get started using Ceph.

You would like to better understand the Ceph and OpenStack ecosystems.

You would like to learn how to implement, run and or upgrade Ceph.

Ceph Foundations

Introduction to Ceph, the mechanisms behind its architecture, and the value of an all-in-one storage platform. Overview of architectural requirements, and storage ecosystems including Red Hat’s distribution.

Duration: 1 day
Remote: $1500/attendee (minimum 6 attendees)
On Premise: $2500/attendee (minimum 6 attendees)

Experience using Linux CLI and a general understanding storage and networking

Technical Requirements:
Mac, Linux OS or Windows laptop with SSH client (putty, cygwin), web browser supporting HTML5

Course Outline

Day 1 and Day 2 challenges:
  • Minimum viable production cluster design
  • Storage calculation
  • Real-life production: what it looks like
  • Operations tools overview
  • Object storage: understand and use the RADOS gateway
  • File storage: a look at CephFS
  • Block storage: understand RADOS block device
  • Ceph and OpenStack

Hands-on Lab (Luminous based)

  • A look at a Ceph Ansible deployment
  • Using the CLI (ceph / radosgw-admin / rbd)
  • Configuration of users for Object, Block and File System with CephX
  • Using Python-Swift Client and CyberDuck to access your object store
  • Integration with Keystone with LDAP

Our workshops include labs

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