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Migration, upgrades and security are some of the most complex unsolved problems that the OpenStack community is addressing these days.

CloudOps along with its partner, Mirantis, would like to address these issues in four proposed talks for the Austin OpenStack Summit. Our topics will explore application and data migration between OpenStack clouds (which can be used during upgrades or cloud expansion), and security in OpenStack.

Please vote* for one or all of these talks by clicking on their title(s)! 

  1. How to migrate cloud-native and legacy applications between clouds in an automated fashion: Migration Moonshot.
  2. Migrations and upgrades of storage components such as Ceph, Swift and Cinder: There and Back Again – Moving Data Across Your Clouds.
  3. Why migrate your cloud application? Migration Rodeo: Herding Pets and Grooming Cattle.
  4. OpenStack Security Use Cases with Project Team Lead of Barbican, Douglas Mendizábal.

If you interested in any of these topics, please click on the title(s) and vote*. Hope to see you in Austin in April!

*OpenStack members may vote. If you are not yet a community member, you will be prompted to register before voting.

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