Accelerite Acquires Citrix CloudPlatform


CloudOps CEO, Ian Rae, and I travelled to Citrix Summit last week and discussed the future of Citrix CloudPlatform with Citrix and Accelerite. Accelerite has agreed to purchase CloudPlatform, a cloud orchestration platform based on Apache CloudStackTM (ACS), from Citrix. Our meetings leave us optimistic about the future of CloudPlatform, with renewed investment and leadership from Accelerite who have a keen interest to work closely with the ACS ecosystem. Major global service providers and enterprises have significant investments in cloud services based on CloudPlatform and ACS and participate in this community. CloudOps has been working with many them designing, integrating, operating and supporting clouds based on CloudPlatform, ACS and OpenStack since the start of this decade.

Here is why we are optimistic –

a) CloudPlatform’s future was uncertain within Citrix and it was not getting the attention the product requires and deserves to meet existing customer demands.

b) The Apache CloudStack community is passionate, focused and productive and Accelerite is committed to working with Apache CloudStack.

c) Accelerite is a product company that has the agility of a startup with the bench strength and financials of a major public parent company to support it.

d) CloudOps is operations focused, valuing reliability and upgradeability ensuring cost effective long term viability. ACS and CloudPlatform have proven to be operator friendly platforms over our many years of experience with them.

e) The community needs CloudPlatform. Having vendor backed cloud platforms powered by Apache CloudStack helps reduce the risk for enterprise clients. Enterprise clients like to have large companies backing their technology investments instead of just the open source community. Accelerite is a very welcome addition to the ecosystem.

CloudOps has been working with CloudPlatform since it was (2010) and we have active contributors to ACS with several Project Management Committee (PMC) members on staff.

CloudOps’ role in the CloudPlatform and Apache CloudStack ecosystem is helping companies design, deploy, operate and support their clouds with our expert consulting, managed services and 24×7 support teams. We are proud to count Cable & Wireless, DataPipe, Coupa,, and many others as customers of CloudPlatform and ACS services.

We look forward to working with Accelerite in 2016, and welcome them to the Apache CloudStack community!

For additional information about the acquisition, read Accelerite’s press release and Citrix’s blog post, or contact CloudOps.

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