The Focus is on Agility at the AWS NYC Summit

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Hundreds gathered at the Javits Convention Center for the New York stop of the AWS Summit Series. This series of 27 global events supplements the AWS Re:Invent annual conference in November. It’s worth noting distribution of events: of the 27, only three are in North America, while there are 10 stops in South America and seven in both Europe and Asia/Pacific.

Werner Vogels, CTO and chief technology officer and Vice President of, summarized the theme of the day in this quote: “Agility is the key word in all of this. Everything that was hardware is programmable. There is no hardware anymore.”

Of course, there is still hardware (and lots of it, given AWS’s lead in the market). But AWS continues to release innovative features to facilitate the development of software. The company used the event to make the following announcements:

AWS API Gateway: a fully managed service that makes it easy for developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure REST APIs at scale.

AWS Device Farm: an AWS service which lets you test your application on a wide selection of FireOS and Android devices, all through a programmable AWS service. Developers can upload their code and run it against real devices and receive a report with errors and/or issues in minutes.

AWS Code Pipeline: first announced at the 2014 Re:Invent, Code Pipeline’s general availability was made known at the NYC Summit. Code Pipeline lets developers automate the building process and testing of their code every time there is a change, enabling continuous delivery.

AWS Code Commit: A Git-compatible code repository, provided as a fully-managed service. Also announced at the 2014 Re:Invent conference and now made generally available.

AWS Service Catalog: Perhaps on a slightly different theme than the other announcements, AWS Service Catalog is more targeted to the large enterprise. This market segment is experimenting with the cloud but is also looking for ways to have some level of governance on what is deployed in their AWS environments. Service Catalog helps IT groups list available services, and enables users to quickly deploy approved solutions.

The event also showcased customer success stories including Nordstrom, NYC Department of Transportation and Oscar Insurance.

Highlights of the summit as well as the full recording of the AWS NYC summit can be found on the AWS YouTube Channel.

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