Cloud Migration

  • Good planning can facilitate your move to the Cloud, and pave the way to future success. CloudOps partners with you to define the best migration strategy for your business.

A move to the Cloud can help you capture new business advantage, but it doesn’t mean you have to rip and replace your entire IT environment to get there. CloudOps team of IT experts and consultants will assist you in plotting a migration strategy that is right sized for today and can scale to the needs of your business, works with your budget, and gives you maximum return on your investment.

Our Approach:

    • Triage
    CloudOps will assess your existing application portfolio and identify the applications that are “Cloud-ready” and good candidates for migration
    • Strategize
    We’ll create for you a migration plan that evolves your current infrastructure to a private cloud infrastructure, and assesses the impact and dependencies within your application environment, infrastructure, and your business
    • Migrate
    CloudOps team of consultants will work with your internal IT organization to migrating existing applications from legacy environments to the private or public Cloud while minimizing disruption to your business. CloudOps can also assist in migrating existing web-based applications from one Cloud environment to another, facilitating a move from the public Cloud to a private Cloud environment or visa versa.

Key Points:

    • Start Small
    A move to the Cloud is not an all or nothing venture – best to start small and gain early wins.
    • Pick Your Workloads
    Select the low hanging fruit for migration first – web applications, batch processing systems, collaborative tools, or big data analytics platforms can be excellent candidates for Cloud migration.
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