Docker and Kubernetes Workshops

Docker and Kubernetes Workshops

As cloud computing evolves, companies are being faced with the challenge of adopting DevOps practices, containers, container orchestration and microservices. Save time and get up to speed on the business value and technical know-how of these concepts and tools in just a few days.

Learn About Containers

CloudOps provides hands-on workshops to help your team better understand the Docker and Kubernetes ecosystems, as well as how to implement containers in to your architecture. As the leaders of the Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec City Kubernetes communities, we are in a unique position to provide insight on new features, production use cases and adoption challenges.

  Who should attend?

The workshop is designed for developers, operators and DevOps practitioners.

  Why should I attend?

You are looking to get started using Kubernetes in development and production.

You are already using Kubernetes and want to deepen your knowledge.

Two day Docker and Kubernetes workshop, with possible extension to five days

Day 1: Docker
(with lab & demo)

  • Introduction to microservices
  • Introduction to containers
  • Docker deep dive
  • Docker Compose
  • Docker Swarm
  • Container orchestration comparison

Day 2: Kubernetes Basics
(with lab & demo)

  • Kubernetes 101
  • Components
  • Applications upgrade strategy
  • Applications scaling
  • Service discovery
  • Features
  • Networking
  • Config maps and secrets

2 Day Workshop: $2500 per attendee

(On-premise workshops available with a minimum of 6 attendees)

Additional content options on demand

Day 3: Advanced Kubernetes (with lab)

  • Ingress
  • Persistent storage concepts and stateful sets
  • Basic scheduling
  • Soft multi-tenancy: namespaces, network policies
  • Deploying complex applications
  • Packaging applications
  • CI/CD

Day 4: Kubernetes for Ops (with lab)

  • Advanced scheduling
  • Security and RBAC
  • Kubernetes deployment (on one of AWS, GCE, OpenStack or
  • Managing etcd
  • Networking configuration, CNIs
  • Add-ons
  • Cluster high availability
  • Upgrades
  • Logging and monitoring Kubernetes and containers
  • Setting up local Docker registry
  • Best practices for running microservices applications

Day 5: Running Kubernetes in Production, Ecosystem and Open Discussion (with Lab and Demo)

  • Deployment best practices
  • Automation of cluster deployments
  • Container workflows (Rancher on
  • PaaS on Kubernetes
  • Auto-scaling
  • Federation
  • Third party resources (TPR)
  • K8s Operators
  • Open source tooling around Kubernetes and Incubator
  • Rkt containers as alternative to Docker and CRI
  • Cloud Native ecosystem and Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes on OpenStack
  • OpenStack on Kubernetes


Product Owners & Executives

Join our free webinar on the business value of Docker and Kubernetes including recommendations on how to get your team started.

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