The Focus is on Agility at the AWS NYC Summit

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Hundreds gathered at the Javits Convention Center for the New York stop of the AWS Summit Series. This series of 27 global events supplements the AWS Re:Invent annual conference in November. It’s worth noting distribution of events: of the 27, only three are in North America, while there are 10 stops in South America and seven in both Europe and Asia/Pacific.

Werner Vogels, CTO and chief…

Under The Covers: Clouds, Valuations and Growth

Lean Entrepreneur & Lean Analytics

CloudOps’ Alistair Croll will be joined on July 9th by some of the best minds in the cloud computing space – and you are invited to be there!
Attendees will get:

An understanding of how the Cloud you choose and how you use it will affect your organization’s valuation and exit options
Insight into how your technology choices can increase your speed but limit your ability to pivot or…

CloudStack Collab 2014


CloudOps will be back in strength for Collab 2014 with a Gold Sponsorship and four presentations. Hope to see you there!