Can Infor and NetSuite get “cloud” so wrong?


This article might be a good example of why software as a service (SaaS) should not be called “cloud.” Equating a subscription software delivery model to cloud masks its true value.

Let’s start with the old analogy of comparing cloud computing to an electrical utility. NetSuite is adamant that… is looking for some beta testers!


As we launch into the Fall season, we’re also approaching the launch of…and we are ready for some feedback!

We recently held a webinar on the beta platform, including a walkthrough of some of the major features, which you can view here. 101 is a regional virtual private cloud platform that delivers scalable, secure,…

Moving to your new SaaSy reality


Moving to SaaS isn’t easy. But move you must. And if you make the transition, you’ll care about new things:

Different metrics will matter: Moz began by looking at traffic and churn, but today measures the number of net customers added (“net adds”) and the time it takes to pay back the cost of customer acquisition (“customer payback.”) These numbers aren’t closely scrutinized in a…