Accelerite Acquires Citrix CloudPlatform


CloudOps CEO, Ian Rae, and I travelled to Citrix Summit last week and discussed the future of Citrix CloudPlatform with Citrix and Accelerite. Accelerite has agreed to purchase CloudPlatform, a cloud orchestration platform based on Apache CloudStackTM (ACS), from Citrix. Our meetings leave us optimistic about the future of CloudPlatform, with renewed investment and leadership from Accelerite who…

A Cloud Operations Manifesto


Cloud computing is a revolutionary new model for IT services delivery, allowing on-demand utility consumption that can be fully automated via software. Being able to obtain IT resources like hailing a taxi is an essential characteristic of cloud computing. With such new capabilities, cloud computing enables completely new business models, such as e-commerce flash crowd sales (e.g. Beyond t…

CloudOps Partners with Mirantis


OpenStack has dominated conversations in the cloud computing industry for some time as the open source foundation receives funding, code contributions and support from many important players in the space. More than 20 distinct OpenStack projects have been launched in the last 5 years.

At CloudOps, we are strong supporters of open source communities, contributing to both OpenStack and Apac…