Hosting vs. Cloud & Humans vs. Machines

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As VP of Sales and Marketing at CloudOps, I am often explaining the difference between cloud and hosting. My goal is to effectively guide clients to get the maximum business value out of cloud infrastructure services. The greatest business value from cloud is the business agility and efficiency it can enable. I have laid out four items I would want to know if I were starting to us…

CloudOps at AWS Re-invent


This is a little delayed because we’ve been busy deploying clients on AWS and

There were plenty of highlights from last month’s AWS re:Invent 2014 conference held in Las Vegas, NV. Plenty of good news, a few surprises, and a few disappointments. We are excited to share the news and improvements with our managed AWS cloud customers and the blogosphere.
Starting with the biggest…

Can Infor and NetSuite get “cloud” so wrong?


This article might be a good example of why software as a service (SaaS) should not be called “cloud.” Equating a subscription software delivery model to cloud masks its true value.

Let’s start with the old analogy of comparing cloud computing to an electrical utility. NetSuite is adamant that…